Lawn Games: An Exciting Way to Spend Your Lunch On Wednesday


Kai Matsumoto

Students playing with the lawn games at the outdoor amphitheater

Kai Matsumoto, Staff Writer

Lunch is always an enjoyable way to recharge and regain your energy to learn, but most of the time students have extra time to kill.  Now on Wednesdays, students can play games like Jenga, spike ball, cornhole, and more!

In the outdoor amphitheater, once students eat their lunch, they can participate in the lawn games with their friends.  As long as students bring their ID, they can have fun during the extra time at lunch.  For a little background on the lawn games, we must go way back to last year.  The previous 2020-2021 year was hard for everyone, but that didn’t stop ASB from providing for the school.  Last year’s ASB president, Calvin Chait-Walter, and ASB secretary, Addie Bousard, had both written a grant to the Run Seal Beach fundraiser.  Run Seal Beach uses its money to provide to others that apply for a grant.  Chait-Walter and Bousard asked for $500 and Run Seal Beach ended up donating $2,500.  They used the money to help the school, as well as let students, have fun during lunch. 

“[Kids participate in the lawn games] to get a taste of what the school has to offer and to be able to socialize with their friends and meet new people,” explains eighth-grader and ASB member Zachary Bambadji.  “[The main purpose is] to get students to feel welcome and to have something for all students to be able to participate in.”  Students can meet new friends and have fun all together.

Seventh-graders Micheal McGrath, Drew Woods, and Nolan Uzeta agreed, “Lawn games should be something we should do every year.”

The lawn games give students the option to have fun with their friends during their extra time during lunch, and it is pleasant to play games while you have perfect free time.