LAHS Ask a Griffin Column: P.E. Preferences Q&A

Bella Kim, Advisor

Q: Is it hard to do school work and any other activity like a sport at the same time?

A: Yes, it can be challenging to balance homework and extracurriculars, and it may require you to sacrifice after-school activities sometimes to study, but you will be fine if you manage your time wisely and stay on top of school work. 

Q: How do you manage your schedule with sports and classwork?

A: Inputting events into your calendar, using your Minder Binder/student planner or setting reminders on your phone is a great way to remember when assignments are due and when you have tests/quizzes. It is also helpful to look ahead in your class syllabus or homework calendar and start to study or work on assignments ahead of time. Weekends are a perfect time to get ahead on homework and studying for the week. 

Q: If you do a sport in high school, do you practice before, during or after classes?

A: Sports at Los Al usually take place during your last period, sixth. On days you don’t have training you’ll go home after fifth period and on days you have extra practice, you might need to stay longer after school. 

Q: Can I take P.E. during the summer instead of during the school year?

A: Yes, there is an option to take PE and Health, which is a course part of PE, during the summer. Then you would fill your PE period with another elective during the school year. 

Q: What is [the] dance class elective like?

A: Freshman Rianna Norman, McAuliffe alumna and in Intermediate 3 Dance, describes Los Al’s dance program as “a fun and amazing opportunity to connect with people that all have a love and desire for dance just like you do. Even if you do not know much about dance, it is a great experience to get to know it and be able to be [a part of]many outstanding shows and events!”

Q: If and when I join the dance program, what does it take to be in Advanced Dance and [on the dance team]?

A: Riley Yew, a junior taking Advanced Dance, explains, “The requirements for Advanced Dance are not necessarily black and white. Typically, the teachers look for a certain list of basic skills (ex. triple pirouette, splits, etc), but if you’re strong in other areas, such as performing, they will take that into consideration too […] In the dance program, your attitude and contribution to the team as a whole is [really] important.”