Fire Up Your Spirit with Spirit Week


Lindsey Flynn

Students in the Friday event playing “Over, Under.”

Kai Matsumoto, Staff Writer

McAuliffe’s eagle spirit is firing up, and people are dressing up during Spirit Week!  From Sep. 20-24, 2021, McAuliffe is celebrating their school spirit by allowing students to dress up to a special theme throughout the week.

“Spirit week has been here forever, since elementary school and high school,” explains eighth-grader and ASB’s director for Spirit and Activities, Gabriela Ibarra.  “I think [Spirit Week] makes us closer, and it’s really fun, and people need it nowadays.”  After coming from a wild year indoors and away from people, students are excited to do something so little but so fun for everyone.  

To kick-off Spirit Week, it was Pajama Monday, with students waking up to kindness heading to school in their comfortable clothing.  The next day, students got creative with Twin Tuesday, pairing up with their friends to be twins, triplets, or even quadruplets!  Wednesday heard the electric guitar strumming and the drums beating on Kindness Rocks Wednesday.  Students rocked the school day wearing their favorite band or rock t-shirt.  On Thursday, students geared up in their favorite sports jerseys for Team Thursday.  Friday showed the student’s school spirit with everyone wearing their grade colors. Sixth graders wearing yellow, seventh-graders wearing white, and eighth-graders wearing navy blue. 

“I think the school just decides to do this because it’s a fun way for the students to show that they have school spirit in different ways,” remarked eighth-grader Jamie Castellanos.  ASB hosted a lunch event on Friday as well.  Student’s played the game “Over, Under” and competed to be the first to go through all their items to win candy and prizes!  

Spirit Week is always a joy every year and students dressing up is always a fun way to show your school spirit.  Students will remember this year’s spirit week and be excited for the next.