Kicking Off The New Year With a Splash


Lindsey Flynn

A photo of the event- students carefully toss water balloons to their partner.

Katie Arnoult, Editor

On Friday, August 20, the first Friday of the school year, ASB hosted a water balloon toss game during both lunch periods. ASB staff members passed out candy to the onlookers, while other ASB students organized the game itself. The event was a smashing success.

“As a group, we found ideas and just tried to be creative and… original with our ideas, because this was our first event,” says eighth-grade student Gaby Ibarra, director of the Spirit and Activities Committee of ASB. She explains how her committee arranged the event. “We set it up pretty fast. [Then] on Monday we got our tasks and roles and then we just went forward with it.”

The rules and objectives of the game were simple. Students who participated teamed up with a friend and formed two lines facing one another, while one teammate held a water balloon. Once the game began, the person with the balloon tossed it to their partner, who would attempt to catch the balloon without getting splashed. Each time this was done, both lines of students would take two steps backward, causing the game to get more difficult every round. 

“I imagined [the game taking place] with [fewer] people,” remarks Ibarra. “I thought it was only going to be, like, a few people, not a lot… But it ended up being way more…” This was true, as nearly all of the sixth graders joined in on the fun during their lunch period as well as numerous seventh and eighth graders at the second lunch break. 

During the game, seventh-grader Carter Maris ruefully voiced, “Hopefully I don’t get splashed,” and Addison Price, an eighth grader, commented, “It’s pretty cool. There [is] a bunch of people participating and it seems like a lot of fun.”

Overall, the first ASB event of the 2021-22 school year was a hit, and everyone enjoyed the game, but hoped not to get wet. There is much to look forward to with more competitions and contests to come. Have an awesome school year, eagles!