Mr. Fontaine; Staff of the Week


Mr. Fontaine

Mr. Fontaine at an event.

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

This week’s staff of the week is Mr. Fontaine! Mr. Fontaine is just one of many great teachers, but this week he is being recognized for his amazing dedication towards his students and music. He grew up in Los Angeles and earned his education at Manhattan School of Music (New York City). Some of his hobbies and interests are skateboarding, hiking, cooking and playing his PS4. His favorite color is rainbow and his favorite show/movie to watch are Lakers games. Something very interesting about Mr. Fontaine is that he has been on five continents in 30 hours. Mr. Fontaine has been nominated for four Grammys, including Best Latin Jazz Album, on which he worked with Latin Jazz artist, Chembo Corniel. He acknowledges this award as his most prideful award and in the past, he has worked with groups such as “The Temptations.” In 2007, Mr. Fontaine released a solo album called, “Wisdom Rising.” Overall, Mr. Fontaine has achieved many accomplishments in his life and will continue to create music and teach!