Staff of the Week: Mrs. Foremski


Mrs. Foremski

Mrs. Foremski in the Media Center.

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

This week’s staff of the week is Mrs. Foremski! Mrs. Foremski works at the Media Center and she was chosen because of her great work with helping out kids around the Media Center. She makes sure that they know what they are doing and if they ever need help with something, she is there. She grew up in Los Alamitos and went to school at Lee Elementary, Oak, LAHS and CSULB. Some of her hobbies and interests are traveling, reading books, camping, cooking, gardening and spending time with her family. Two fun facts about Mrs. Foremski are that her paternal grandmother was born in Los Alamitos, so she is the third generation born in California and when she was at LAHS, she was a part of band but did not play an instrument. Instead, she carried one of the shields that spelled out the name “Los Alamitos” in front of the band. They traveled around SoCal for competition and even to Mexico on a goodwill tour. Overall, Mrs. Foremski is one of the most helpful Media Center teachers anyone can know!