Febuary Spotlight!


Madison Norberg

Spotlighted students

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer


BAND SPOTLIGHT-After excelling at the clarinet, Michael Elgan challenged himself to learn the most difficult of all wind instruments… the Oboe… and he is crushing it!-Fontaine

ASB SPOTLIGHT-Jenna Bustos has been an inspirational leader in our ASB class all year. She has impressed all of us with her creative poster designs and organizational skills, coordinating spirit days and events like the mask competition, Halloween costume contest, and the recent football toss. Furthermore, I have been blown away by her ability to manage her committee, utilizing the talents of her team, motivating her peers, and recognizing in advance the details needed to plan and execute successful events. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention Jenna’s work ethic. She often spends her free time going above and beyond what is asked of her to ensure that our activities don’t disappoint. McAuliffe ASB is so lucky to have such a dedicated leader on campus. -Bellendir

SPANISH SPOTLIGHT-Eric Muro has been exceptional with our Spanish novel unit. He truly stands out with comprehension, participation, and enthusiasm.-Callaway

YEARBOOK SPOTLIGHT-Sophia Mason was chosen as the only Junior Editor for this year’s Yearbook Staff. That is no coincidence however, as her drive and determination make her a fantastic editor. Sophia works incredibly well in tandem with her group while also being able to supervise others. Sophia impresses me every day with her keen eye and is well on her way to being a full-fledged Editor with her spectacular efforts with the 2020-2021 Yearbook.-Danforth

DRAMA SPOTLIGHT-Aria Kroh is in Advanced Drama. She has always been a committed and focused performer in all 3 levels (Wheel, Drama 7/8, Advanced). Outside of school, Aria continues her love of theater by creating her own plays and working with other agencies. She is excellent in a dramatic role (Pandora in MYTH-O-LOGUES), as well as in a comedy (Ellie in GAME OF TIARAS). Aria is not only wonderful to watch on stage, but also a joy to work with off stage.-Armstrong

ART SPOTLIGHT-Dillon Hobbs came into my class thinking he wasn’t the “art kid”. But when we began out abstract unit he really found out what CAN be art and found confidence in a form of art that is free-flowing and focused more on innate instincts rather than observation. So whether he believes it or not, he now has some “art kid” in him!-Swihart

MUSIC SPOTLIGHT-Derek Begely is not only a gifted singing, but has amazing dedication to his craft and to the choir. He is helpful, responsible, and prepared. He works hard both in and out of class, and is kind and uplifting to his peers. Derek is a great leader and has an exemplary attitude.-Wallace