Get to know Mr. Lynes


Madison Norberg

Mr. Lynes outside of his classroom

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

Mr. Lynes is this week’s staff of the week recognition! Mr. Lynes has been an amazing example to all students in his math and science classes. He grew up in Burlingame, California, and went to school at UC Davis and UC Irvine. Some hobbies and interests of his are Classic Cars, flying airplanes, hiking and biking. Two fun facts about Mr. Lynes are that his first car was a 1917 Ford Model T and that he eats a salad after the end of a meal. Jillian Muller, an eighth grade student at McAuliffe, stated, “Mr. Lynes has always helped all of his students and made sure that they are doing well and are aware that if they ever need help, he is always there. When I did not do well on a test, he let me retake it, which helped me get to know the subject that we were learning more.” Overall, Mr. Lynes has been helpful and inspiring throughout these short class periods to of all of his students.