Get to Know Mrs. Johnson


Madison Norberg

Mrs. Johnson at her desk.

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

Mrs. Johnson is this week’s Staff of the Week! Mrs. Johnson has shown great dedication to being the attendance clerk at McAuliffe. Mrs. Johnson grew up all over Southern California and Orange County. She went to private schools and earned her college education at CSULB. Some of her many hobbies are spending time with her daughters, walking with her niece and yoga with her sister. Two fun facts about Mrs. Johnson are that she used to barrel racehorses and she was in the 1989 Miss California Pageant. Josie Stevenson, a seventh grader here at McAuliffe, explained, “she is a great staff member because she is always super kind and helpful. Anytime I recognized someone got a jammed locker she was always there to help.” Ultimately, Mrs. Johnson has earned this staff of the week recognition for showing the effort that she puts into helping the school.