Christmas Safety


Close up image of Christmas ornaments on a tree.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

Christmas is one of the most popular holidays, but this year it may be a little different. It seems like COVID-19 has taken the joy out of most of our holidays, but many people desire to make an exception for this day of the year.

Although it seems like the happiest time of the year, health officials may be horrified. This is because of the huge gatherings between family and friends in an enclosed room. Also, most of the foods that families eat around this time of year are not individually wrapped, leading to new ideas and creativity.

According to Mr. Happolt, a science teacher at McAuliffe Middle School, “Wash or sanitize your hands whenever in contact with items someone else has touched. Reduce the number of people you will be around during the holiday season. I believe people will do what they want. That is why there is such an increase in cases now, people did what they wanted over Thanksgiving break and that is why you have such an increase in cases.”

Because of the various restrictions, people have made low-risk ideas that can help your friends and family during this holiday season. For example, you can host a small gathering with people that are near your house, and gather outside. According to an article that was written by the CDC called “Holiday Celebrations and Small Gatherings,” “Guests should avoid direct contact, including handshakes and hugs, with others not from their household. Host outdoor rather than indoor gatherings as much as possible. Even outdoors, require guests to wear masks when not eating or drinking.”

All in all, Christmas may be celebrated differently this year but it is for the safety of you, your family, friends and others around you. Celebrating at a distance may save lives.