Staff of The Week


Mrs. Armstrong

Mrs. Armstrong, a recent Teacher of the Week

Madison Norberg, Staff Writer

McAuliffe’s staff of the week has been booming lately and over the past couple of weeks, nine staff members have been recognized. Some staff members that you may have missed are Mrs. Armstong, Mrs. Meredith, Mrs. Avalos and Mr. Rice. Each of these teachers has been recognized for their outstanding contributions to McAuliffe Middle School. 

All teachers here at McAuliffe are excellent in their own way and are a part of the school community. Mrs. Armstrong was recognized for her enthusiastic way of teaching and how she helps students achieve greatness in drama. Mrs. Armstrong has represented the McAuliffe Middle School drama program as entertaining and has worked hard to get them to where they are today. The new form of hybrid has not stopped the drama department from working on new parts every day.

Mrs. Armstrong was recognized the week of Oct. 9. She grew up in Costa Mesa and went to Costa Mesa High School and the University of Hartford- Hartt School of Theatre (also known as BFA Music Theatre). Some of her hobbies include listening to musicals and camping. During middle school and high school, Mrs. Armstrong was a competitive swing dancer. She was also a history teacher at LAHS before becoming a teacher at McAuliffe.

Over these past weeks, nine teachers have been chosen as the teacher of the week, but more is to come later in the year. Overall, all teachers at McAuliffe Middle School have their own way of teaching.