A Great Honor- The Advanced Drama Induction of McAuliffe


Allison Armstrong

Mrs. Armstrong speaking into a microphone during the ceremony.

Katie Arnoult, Staff Writer

This year, in December 2020, McAuliffe’s advanced drama students will be recognized broadly. They will be inducted into Jr. Thespian Troupe #89273. 

Many students who don’t take drama as their elective at McAuliffe may not know what this means. In a nutshell, advanced drama students from McAuliffe and many other schools will be honored and recognized by the International Thespian Society, a community that credits students for their work and participation in theater. 

“There are not many honors societies for middle school,” McAuliffe drama teacher and director Mrs. Armstrong explains. “So this is a chance to be recognized as a top ‘thespian’ or actor!” 

However, there are certain requirements to be inducted into a Jr. Thespian troupe. To become a Thespian, students must receive ten points for engaging in theater activities. Fortunately, these requirements can be easily met, because assignments in drama class contribute to earning those ten points. 

Armstrong and her class of 31 advanced drama students will attend the Jr. Thespian Ceremony on the evening of Dec. 9. In regular Thespian ceremonial events, before COVID-19, the students would be individually called up to the stage. They would receive a certificate, a pin and a membership card. At the end of the event, all students will take the official oath together to be inducted into troupe #89273.

This time, due to COVID-19, the Jr. Thespian Ceremony will be held differently. “We are going to do a drive-in ceremony,” Armstrong elaborates. “Families will stay in their car, but we are giving them a ‘gift basket’ for their car, including snacks, noisemakers, and a picture of their student.” 

All in all, even during the year 2020 and its unfortunate events, such as quarantine, McAuliffe students will still be acknowledged for their hard work and passion in theater. Let’s give them some eagle support!