Hybrid PE at McAuliffe


Source: Kedric Delaney

Students playing catch during hybrid PE.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

Throughout the current pandemic, McAuliffe Middle School’s way of learning has drastically changed and adapted to various schedules and models. Teachers and students are now getting used to these new ways of learning, but PE, or Physical Education, is still adjusting due to ever-changing Covid restrictions.

In the past, students were able to hang out with their friends and be competitive during PE. Now, they are not as social, but are still staying active. One of the main reasons sports are fun is because you get to do them with your peers. Physical Education at a distance greatly limits the games and activities you can participate in, and many students do not find it as enjoyable. While being distant, student-athletes are missing out on many opportunities. For example, students could be learning how to work as a team, gaining sportsmanship, having personal responsibility, and even developing organizational skills.

There are some benefits to hybrid PE. This new way teaches the personal aspect of sports, how you can learn and practice by yourself, and continue to progress. Mr. Maffett, a McAuliffe PE teacher, says, “I like having smaller class sizes to work with.  It allows me to work with students on an individual basis.”

Many precautions are being taken that might seem to kill the fun students are used to in PE, but the McAuliffe PE teachers are working hard and trying their best to keep students active. For instance, some teachers have created their own games like cornhole frisbee and soccer. Also, students are now able to throw a ball back and forth as long as they are more than six feet apart. This way is very different from how we would normally participate in PE because many of the sports we are used to playing are contact sports, and thus, violate the current Covid regulations.

According to Mr. Pagett, another McAuliffe PE teacher, “A disappointing thing about PE in the hybrid setting is that we are not allowed to participate in active competitive sports.  I miss the teamwork and comradery that go along with a team trying to succeed.”

All in all, many are glad to stay active at school with their friends even at a distance, while they continue to stay healthy during the pandemic. At the end of the day, McAuliffe Middle School students are fortunate to be able to stay in school and continue a somewhat normal learning schedule.