The 2020 Election

Joe Biden (right) and Donald Trump (left)

Brendan Smialowski

Joe Biden (right) and Donald Trump (left)

Max Gardiner, Staff Writer

The United States 2020 presidential election, one of the most controversial elections in years, took place on the third of this November. The two candidates were Joe Biden of the Democratic Party and Donald Trump, the republican candidate running for his second term after a victory in 2016 against Hillary Clinton. 

This election is controversial for many reasons, one of which is the president’s handling of COVID-19. William Danner, a seventh-grade student at McAuliffe Middle School stated his opinion on the issue. “So, I think he did an okay job with it [coronavirus] but he got it himself so I don’t think he did too well,” he voiced. ¨Trump stands out as one of the better [presidents], in my opinion.”

“I don’t think Donald Trump is fit to be president because he is a bad president,”  Liam Craig, another seventh grader and outspoken democrat disputed. “And he is a bad person and that isn’t cool.” 

Even though all U.S. elections are important, this one is significant because of the coronavirus currently sweeping the nation. Many people are desperate for help and leadership.

Joe Biden has policies more focused around raising the minimum wage, rejoining the global climate accord, expanding Obamacare and undoing Trump’s immigration laws. Donald Trump hopes to save the economy, curb illegal immigration and repeal the affordable care act, as well as lower drug costs, promoting US energy and defending the second amendment. 

What this could mean for middle school students is that with Donald Trump as president, schools such as McAuliffe will be reopened as soon as possible, because Trump claims that the children of America need a proper education in these times. Joe Biden emphasizes that reopening schools right now could be dangerous, and that a slow and safe procedure should be implemented in order to protect all students.

This could mean more online school, less social interaction and increased safety protocols. However, Trump’s plan would mean a higher risk for COVID-19 infection among students, especially if precautions are not taken to ensure safety this year. Whether you support the current president or his adversary, it can be agreed that this election is extremely important.