McAuliffe’s Lip Sync Competition


Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

A performance-ready microphone.

Maleah Fennessey, Staff Writer, Co-Editor

This school year, McAuliffe choir is hosting a lip-sync competition! In this awesome contest, students will film themselves lip-syncing and working the crowd (figuratively, of course) for the chance to win a grand prize.

This innovative idea came from Mrs. Wallace herself. “With the popularity of Tik Tok and Jimmy Fallon lip-sync battles, I thought our students would have a good time,” Wallace tells of the motives behind the event. It is true that Tik Tok brings people together and shines the spotlight on the good during these bizarre times, so a competition at school should have a similar effect.  If these aren’t already reasons to participate, third place winners win a 25 dollar gift card, a 75 dollar one is awarded to second place and the first place participant receives a grand prize of a 100 dollar gift card!

Both the creation and submission of a video are reasonably simple. “We are looking for creativity, skill and production value,” Wallace lends. “Are you performing well, do you have a creative take on the song and did you think through your costume and background?” With that being said, make sure that you know your song well and have a good idea of what you are going to do on camera. Think through every aspect of your performance, including where you film, what you wear and any choreography you choose to include. After you complete your video, head to Google Classroom and use the class code “onykyrh” for more information. 

Not only are the submissions looked over by judges, but they can be voted on by audience members, too. The results of the competition rely more heavily on audience opinions than they do on those of the judges. Votes are only limited by the contents of your wallet; they cost two dollars each to send. 

So, if you or anyone you know has participated, mark your calendars and get ready to watch. Make sure to head to to vote for the best videos, and may everyone have the best of luck!

Update: As of noon on October 31, the lip sync competition is officially over. Luckily, before submissions were frozen, many incredible videos were filmed and posted on McAuliffe’s choir website. After scrupulous look-overs by the judges and input from student and family voters alike, the results are in. In third place is Justin Garcia, who performed a joyful and sassy “I Look Good”. Coming in at second is Madeline Reid, with a spunky and comical duet of “Danger Zone”. And finally, the winner of first place and a 100 dollar gift card is Tasha Johnson, with her energetic and in-character performance of “When Can I See You Again” by Owl City! Check out McAuliffe’s choir website for a message to all participants and start thinking about what song you’ll perform next year; it never hurts to prepare a bit early!