Teacher of the Week


Kedric Delaney

Mr. Arnold standing in front of his classroom.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

McAuliffe Middle School has recently started its hybrid learning schedule, and this is allowing the new Leadership/Journalism elective to create more activities and events on campus. One of those new activities gaining in popularity is the Teacher, or Staff, of the Week award.

This award is given to the most helpful and worthy teacher or staff member at McAuliffe Middle School each week. Students have the opportunity to vote for their teacher and tell the school why this staff member deserves the award on the grade-level Google Classrooms. The award makes the staffer feel more appreciated, and lets them know that students are enjoying their class or service. Additionally, this encourages students to do something nice for the McAuliffe employees that they may not typically think to do. The teachers who have won so far are Mr. Arnold, Mr. Danforth, Mrs. Armstrong and Mrs. Avalos. And the staff of the week to date are Mr. Hammond, Mrs. Mellen and Mrs. Erickson. 

According to the McAuliffe Middle School’s ASB team, Mr. Arnold was the first Teacher of the Week. Mr. Arnold won the award because he is kind to everyone, works extremely hard and stays dedicated in these times.

He stated, “I appreciate that a few students felt I deserved the nice recognition. I had a few students tell me ‘great job,’ and I thought that was kind of them to say. The most impactful aspect of teaching is working to have a positive influence on the lives of middle school students. All teachers at McAuliffe work to make each student’s school experience memorable and rewarding.”

All in all, winning this award is impactful towards the winner, and helps the school become closer together. It allows people to stay motivated even in the most challenging times, but it mainly helps to put the spotlight on our hardworking teachers.