First ASB Event of the 2020 School Year!


Source: Caroline Kerns

Cohort A mask competition winners.

Caroline Kerns, Staff Writer

The first McAuliffe ASB on-campus event was our mask competition, which occurred on Friday, September 25 in the ODAT. Students from all grades dressed up in their fanciest masks. There were four categories: best-looking, most school spirit, most creative, and most protective, and winners were chosen from each cohort.  

All of ASB was present for the event, wearing their favorite masks and cheering the contestants on! They had pom-poms, noise-makers, and bubbles to encourage the competitors. 

“The mask competition was fun and exciting,” stated eighth-grader Samantha Sumner. 

The winners from cohort A included Bella Eaton, Tasha Johnson, Brynnley Evink, and Rayleigh St. Dennis. From cohort B, winners included Timmy Carey, Lauren Nakada, Matthew Mayhue, and Riley Kuhlendahl. Mask competition winners got to choose between an In-N-Out gift certificate and a McAuliffe cup filled with candy. 

McAuliffe spectators were in awe of the variety of masks. “It was so interesting to see all the amazing masks from my friends and peers,” says seventh-grader Phoebe Grimshaw.

Overall, the first ASB in-person event went great. We can count on more fun events planned by ASB this year, so be sure to participate!