New Faces at McAuliffe Middle School



Swihart, the new art teacher at Mcauliffe.

Caroline Kerns, Staff Writer

This year at McAuliffe we are welcoming two new teachers, Swihart and Ms. Colwell. These teachers are going to make a great addition to our McAuliffe campus!

Swihart has taught and substituted at schools in Garden Grove and has taught at museums and community centers in Long Beach. However, this is Swihart’s first job at a public school. So far, they say they have enjoyed working at McAuliffe, which has an “amazing supportive staff and excited and funny students,” according to Swihart. They also say their favorite part about teaching is, “sharing knowledge in a fun way” and “having conversations with the students [and] learning from them.”

When Swihart is not working, they are still very busy. Their hobbies include painting, reading, and writing, as well as playing basketball, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee. Swihart says music is another love as it “influences art so much.” 

Eighth-grader Dajjah Guidry stated, “My art teacher is a really cool and laid back person” when asked about Swihart. 

Additionally, the new PE teacher, Colwell, says she loves working at McAuliffe so far, and that “everyone is so friendly and always willing to help.” Colwell has previously worked in San Diego at Black Mountain Middle School, where she taught sixth grade PE. When asked what her favorite part about being a teacher is, Colwell stated, “No day is the same and of course seeing the students, especially when they are happy and ready to learn!” 

All in all, the art and PE students are looking forward to the upcoming school year with our new staff members, Swihart and Colwell. If you see them around, be sure to welcome them to McAuliffe!