Coming of Age



Students graduating.

Heather Phillips, Staff Writer

Most people when entering middle school change. It is a new chapter in your life with new things to learn about. Some people change in many different ways, but I’m here to tell you how I changed when I entered middle school.

Before entering middle school I was immature and irresponsible, but I learned throughout the years to be more responsible with my belongings and be prepared academically. I can see changes in my character, and my goals. There are many aspects which changed since entering the eighth grade. One of these is managing my time. When I first started in sixth grade, I used to rush through my work and didn’t put a good amount of effort into it. I decided to fulfill my goal that I had coming into seventh grade, to be better. It taught me to be ready for quizzes and tests, and to manage my time and prioritize my work based off of the requirements that were assigned. 

Sometimes, when your environment changes your friend groups do too. Over the years in middle school, I have made, as well as lost, friends. Even though it could be difficult watching your friends drift away, we all need to grow and mature and sometimes others just do not want to follow that path with you and you end up growing apart.

In conclusion, I believe that time management skills will set me up for success in high school and college. I now understand the importance of being on time and take it seriously. Middle school has changed me for the better.