Thanking My Teachers

Student hugging her teacher.

Photo by: Education Week

Student hugging her teacher.

Ava Swietlikowski, Staff Writer

This school year has been my favorite year by far because of the friends I have made, the knowledge I have learned, and most importantly the teachers I have had. My teachers this year have helped me become the best student I can be and I will miss them so much going on to my eighth-grade year.

I used to not really like the classes Reading and Language Arts, but because of my core teacher, Ms. Copeland, it is now my favorite subject. I have a deeper meaning for grammar, writing, and reading now because of Ms. Copeland and how she creatively taught and explained each step of the way. Going into eighth grade English, I now feel confident in the subject, but will miss Ms. Copeland dearly.

I have always had a certain mindset about history and that it is boring and uninteresting, but this year that changed. Ms. Bellendir, my history teacher, has shown me how interesting and fun this course could be. She showed us so many fascinating pictures of all the countries she has traveled to and put so much time and effort into making daily, fun slides to make learning more appealing to kids like me. I will miss Ms. Bellendir’s bubbly personality going into eight grade.

My math teacher, Mr. Levy, has greatly helped me improve my math skills throughout the year. Math has always been a little confusing for me, but when I started learning from Mr. Levy, I began to understand how it all makes sense. I will miss the classroom environment in his room, but now I have a tool set that I have learned from him that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Science was extremely challenging for me in sixth grade, so I was very nervous going into seventh-grade science. My new science teacher, Mrs. Favilla, was super caring and compassionate and she would help me after school if I had a question about something we learned that day. I loved all the fun projects we did and I will miss her going forth.

Overall, I will miss all my teachers I have had this year and I hope I will see them again soon.