2019-2020 Overview


Source: patch.com

The iconic front of the school.

Ally Crosby, Staff Writer

The 2019-2020 school year was undeniably an unpredictable year, no matter if you were in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade. Although this year was cut short by the dreaded Covid-19, students have adjusted well to distanced learning from home. The overall routine for online school gets inevitably redundant, whatsoever. 

The school year generally started off normal, although a few people could justify otherwise. There were fun events thrown in throughout the year, such as drama and choir shows, intramurals, and occasional Kahoots and Gimkits in different classes. Holidays in the first semester were celebrated and enjoyed like normal. 

Various student interests throughout McAuliffe were pretty diverse; like how some kids were avid students or athletes, some may be the class clowns who made people laugh, a few might be performers or musicians, and some may be the kid in the back that always played Cool Math Games and Snake when they were supposed to be doing their work (most of us are somewhat guilty of this). Either way, each student is different from the rest in their own way. In the end, students aren’t exact stereotypes as much as they are their own unique person with their likes and dislikes.

Throughout the incomplete year all of us shared, we all probably accomplished something big or small, or changed as a human being, although it’s up to the person to say if it was a positive or negative change. A few kids might have completed the coveted goal of achieving Mile Club. Some might have overcome their school related or general fear. A number of students might have performed in drama and choir for the first or second time, while some might be very experienced with their chosen elective. A few students may have made a comeback with their grades and subjects that they formerly struggled in. 

On that day in March when we packed up all our stuff and left McAuliffe, some of us may not have realized that particular day was our last normal day. Quarantine has made us grow up and change, no matter how small or vast. Additionally, it possibly made a number of us grateful for all the times we got to hang out with our friends at school, come physically to class, count down the minutes until the period was over, play games in the back, and all the highs and lows that come with a school year. While quarantine is obviously not the best way to end a school year, it’s important to look back on the year and count your blessings, as there is no big loss without some gain.