The Transition to a New Grade


Source: Public Domain Pictures

Online graduation illustration.

Marcus Anh, Staff Writer

As many people may know, the school year is coming to an end and nearly every student has to deal with the transition to a new grade, but it might not be as hard as students expect. 

Though the transition to a new year can be scary, there can be some benefits to a new grade. Many students stress how teachers can be strict or how much work there will be, though these factors may be different due to the global pandemic. Since the impact of the coronavirus students and staff members are teaching and learning online.

Next year, if you are a sixth, seventh, or an eighth grader, expect changes from the years before due to the coronavirus. School may be more complicated because it could be harder to teach and learn from a zoom call, if that’s what continues. 

Even though some people expect an online environment again next year, schools may go back to normal, with minor adjustments. Although online school may be hard to cope with, scholars are still moving into higher grades. Now that students are transitioning to new grades, be sure to welcome other students who are taking these next steps with you.   

To conclude, school is coming to an end and students expect a challenge and new opportunities. Stay positive and look forward to the next year.