A Good News Recap of 2020


Source: Caroline Kerns

The Words “Good News Recap Of 2020” around a rainbow

Caroline Kerns, Staff Writer

With all that’s happening this year, I think everybody deserves some good news! So here’s a good news recap of 2020!

Reunions. Throughout the past few months people have been reconnecting on Zoom. Famous casts, such as Parks and Recreation, The Office and Glee were rejoined together. The Parks and Recreation reunion was a fundraiser and they raised over 3 million dollars by reuniting! 

People have been raising millions of dollars to support their fellow humans. Guy Fieri donated 22 million and is raising more from an upcoming “nacho battle” with Bill Murray. Recently, anonymous donors have been donating money to hundreds of low income Bay Area graduates.

One six-year-old boy named Callaghan McLaughlin was wanting to open a lemonade stand, but was waiting until the weather got warmer. Then, he got the idea of opening a different kind of stand. Instead, McLaughlin opened a joke stand to bring happiness to people during difficult times. 

Also, there was a rouge peacock on the loose in Boston! Fortunately, it was safely returned thanks to officers in the Boston Police Department. One clever police officer downloaded a peacock mating call app on his phone. He then lured the peacock into a fenced off yard and returned him to his home. 

All in all, no matter what always have faith in yourself and fellow humans around you. We can be pretty great if we all come together.