Shout Out To Friends!


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Appreciation of friends

Payton Rofe, Staff Writer & Copy Editor

2020 has been a rather difficult year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many things have been shut down. In particular, the schools. This is where students come together to learn, and hang out with their friends. Since the schools have been shut down, many of these students have not been socializing with their friends. Now, because of this I’m going to give a shout out to all the students, aka my friends, who made this year amazing!

Starting off with Cora Cooper. She is an amazing friend, and is always there to support you. She constantly has your back, and will always be there to comfort you. Next, there is Joey Meeks. One of the kindest people I know, and unfortunately gets hurt quite a bit. After that we have Mina Savittieri. Everyone who meets her automatically likes her. She is hilarious, and always fun to be around. 

Another person who made this year amazing is Grace Choura. She always puts others before herself, and that’s what makes her a great friend. Also, there is Olivia Mlouk. She is constantly laughing, and always has a smile on her face. She lights up everybody’s day, even if you’re having a bad one. Last but not least, Sydney Rofe. She is always there for me, not that she has much of a choice, but I still appreciate it a lot. 

These are people who made this year amazing for me, and probably for other people too. It’s sad that this year was cut short, but luckily we all have next year with each other. It is very unfortunate for some people older than us, like the seniors, and for people younger than us, like the kids in fifth grade. They had special events cancelled due to this pandemic. So we should all be grateful that this didn’t happen to us. Thank you to everyone who made this year special to me!