With the Bad, Comes the Good


Source: Ramdlon (pixabay.com)

Two slips of paper that say bad and good.

Jasmine Lee, Staff Writer

It’s not news to anyone that this year hasn’t been the best with Kobe Bryant’s death and COVID-19. Numerous news articles focus on the tragedies of the world. However, instead of focusing on the horrible things that have happened, let’s direct our attention to some the amazing things that occurred this year.


File:Healthcare workers wearing PPE 01.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Healthcare workers wearing suits and masks. Source: Javed Anees

Healthcare workers are in hospitals taking care of sick COVID-19 patients and risking their lives to care for people. Many people have shown their gratitude for the healthcare workers by applauding and showing how thankful they are. Also, many brands have sent care packages to healthcare workers.


Environmental law - Wikipedia
Air pollution. Source: Alfred T. Palmer

Covid-19 forced many people to self-quarantine for the sake of their health and others. This helped decrease air pollution. With less people using planes, cars, and working in factories, the air quality has improved. Countries like China and India have greatly improved air pollution.

Hawksbill Sea Turtle/ Carey de Concha | Scientific name: Eri… | Flickr
Sea turtle. Source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Southeast Region

The sea turtles population has increased by 980%. This is thanks to the Endangered Species Act. The Endangered Species Act sets out to save and preserve many endangered and close to extinction animal species.

Recycling Containers Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Recycling cans. Source: Lynn Greyling


South Korea is making a humongous impact on the world’s recycling unit by recycling 95% of their food waste. The reason for the fast and effective recycling is thanks to biodegradable bags and smart bins. Before the huge improvement, South Korea was only recycling 2% of food waste.

Beaver Free Stock Photo - Public Domain Pictures
Beaver. Source: Jean Beaufort


In Britain, beavers are being introduced to their natural habitat. Beavers ware able to reduce the action of flooding. The River Otter Beaver Trial was ultimately introduced in 2015, however, in 2020, the area is seeing a significant decrease in flooding, specifically 30%. 

Through these hard times, it is good to hear about how the world is improving and getting better. Just remember, that after all the bad that happens, something good is bound to come through.