Mental Health During a Pandemic

Caroline Kerns, Staff Writer

As the new reality of the Corona Virus sets in, people are struggling to maintain a healthy mindset. Since ordinary life was put on pause when the country was shut down, many have been having a difficult time coping with their newfound lives in quarantine.

Fear about financial crisis, fear about losing loved ones to COVID-19, as well as food shortages and shortage of other essentials have been frequent stressors leading to, and sometimes worsening, mental conditions.

Here are some ways you can improve your mental health during this pandemic. Create structure: create a daily schedule for you and your family, and make time for activities that don’t concern COVID-19. Maintain your physical health: maintain an exercise routine, get the recommended amount of sleep, eat less processed food, and try to eat at regular times during the day.

Watch out for symptoms of depression and anxiety, or other disorders, these include social withdrawal, extremely high or low moods, excessive fear, worry, or anxiety, long-lasting sadness or irritability, and dramatic changes in eating or sleeping habits.

Just try to keep a positive attitude, and remember that this is all temporary, and although it may not seem like it, things will return to normal eventually.