Celebrities Donate to Help Stop the Spread of Covid-19


Source: www.hellomagazine.com

Celebrities generously donate to Covid-19 relief and food banks.

Ally Crosby, Staff Writer

With the global pandemic of Covid-19 ongoing and more than four million cases worldwide, people are looking for the end of the dark tunnel that this virus has caused. The United States has the most cases by far, with over one million sick with the virus, and over 70,000 deaths. Inevitably, the Stay-At-Home orders are leading to high unemployed and people have no other choice, but to stay in their homes. 

While there is not a cure at the moment, various people and celebrities have donated money to Covid-19 relief causes and charities to try and help people in need during these uncertain times. For instance, Kylie Jenner donated one million dollars to help purchase protective gear for doctors, health care workers, first responders, and everyone on the front lines during this pandemic. Rihanna donated five million dollars to various relief organizations, such as Partners In Health, Direct Relief, Feeding America, International Rescue Committee, and the World Health Organization. Additionally, Taylor Swift donated to assist some of her fans who were struggling financially due to the pandemic. Shawn Mendes donated $175,000 to the SickKids Foundation in Toronto.

“The donations for the nurses [are] really important because they are potentially protecting us and risking their [lives], so it doesn’t spread anymore,” McAuliffe eighth grader Gabby Barrios explains.

Since screen time is inevitably skyrocketing due to the Stay-At-Home orders, Twitch streamers and YouTubers have taken advantage of increased viewers and donations from subscribers to raise funds for the pandemic relief. For example, YouTuber Nathaniel Bandy played every single Mario Kart title for more than 10 hours straight on stream to raise money for Covid-19 relief, raising roughly $9,000. 

Although many people worldwide are struggling financially due to said pandemic, many health officials believe that there will be an apex for each country and region affected by the virus. The donations from people throughout the world, no matter how big or small, will help immensely with financial struggles and the race to find a cure.