Quarantined Mother’s Day

Marcus Anh, Staff Writer

Mother’s Day, a celebration all about the matriarch of the family, is right around the corner. Mother’s Day is practically a second birthday for a mother when given presents and quality time to show how much they are appreciated. 

First celebrated in 1908, and founded in 1914 by Anna Jarvis as the second Sunday in May, Mother’s Day began essentially as an anti-war movement. On June 2, 1872, Julia Ward Howe led a “Mother’s Day for Peace” anti-war observance, which was followed by an “Appeal to womanhood throughout the world.” 

Now people celebrate their mothers by giving presents and surprises honoring our mothers for all they do. This year, people are figuring out quarantine gifts for their mothers. For many, it is easy to give presents to their moms, but for some people, their mothers live far away, so they have found ways to socialize from a reasonable distance.  

As a way to see their families, people are video calling to “visit” their family online. Others have visited family from a safe distance, like sitting on the front porch or driving by and talking to their loved ones from the safety of their car.

To conclude, many people are figuring out ways to celebrate this Mother’s Day at a safe distance, but still shower their mom with love and affection.