Time to Hear the Good News


Source: Brut

Air pollution in some parts of China before and after rising cases of the Coronavirus.

Hala Essayli, Staff Writer and Assistant Editor

In a time like this, the news is exploding with information about COVID-19. As cases are rising, the coronavirus is affecting the daily lifestyles of many people all over the world. Although to most people it may seem like there is no positive news with a world pandemic occurring, in some ways, the world seems to be benefiting from this pandemic.

1. Air Pollution

All over the world, people are traveling less. This means less driving cars, less flying planes, and less working factories for fossil fuels. This contribution to slow the spread of COVID-19 is causing less air pollution to occur. For example, in China, most people are taking precautions toward staying home and slowing the spread of the coronavirus. This is incredibly decreasing air pollution all over China. According to NASA, nitrogen dioxide levels, which come from fossil fuels, have decreased to 30%. Also, studies are finding that the ozone level has significantly healed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Jason Essayli, a financial advisor, claims, “It’s actually really relieving that the world can finally breathe and not be polluted as much by all the gas emissions.”

2. Water Pollution

Similar to air pollution, water pollution around the world is also significantly decreasing. For example, before COVID-19 lockdowns occurred in Venice, Italy, the water in the Venice canals was highly polluted from gas emissions. Now that the amount of cars and boats running has incredibly decreased, the water in the canals is much clearer than before. In fact, even fish are now visible in the canals.

3. Less crime and robbery cases

As more people are participating in lockdowns, crime and robbery cases are decreasing. For example, in D.C., the number of robberies has decreased more than ⅓ since COVID-19 lockdowns. In Pennsylvania, criminal offenses recorded between March 28 and April 3rd were down by 89% in comparison to the records between February 22 and February 28.

4. Animals have gained more freedom

Since more people are participating in lockdowns, animals have been gaining more freedom. For example, India’s 1.3 billion population has tens of millions of cars absent due to COVID-19. This is providing much more freedom for animals all over the country. Many monkeys across India are now roaming the deserted streets and even climbing on cars. In Boulder, Colorado, mountain lions are roaming the neighborhoods. In Boston, Massachusetts, turkeys are being found all over the city. Sally Essayli, a seventh grader at McAuliffe Middle School claims, “It feels like we are the ones in the zoos and the animals are the ones free and walking around.” 

After all, even though we are experiencing a rough, harsh time filled with negative, gloomy news, that does not limit us from trying to spread positive news and hoping for the best to come.