What Students do Quarantined


Source: Peakpx

Work room.

Jacob Sincock, Staff Writer

On Thursday, April 2nd, parents of Los Al received an email explaining that the schools were issued to close for the remainder of the school year due to the outbreak, COVID-19. Schools in the district will not open back up until the pandemic is over.

As an alternative to traditional school, teachers have been using Google Classroom to post assignments for their students.

After kids are done doing online school, most of them spend their free time calling and texting their friends and playing video games. According to a poll on The Birdwarch, they also spend their time binge-watching shows, exercising, reading, and using social media. They can’t go to amusement parks or any other shops because most of them have closed down.

Damian Senott, a seventh-grader who attends McAuliffe Middle School, says that he’s been playing Roblox and Minecraft while Amar Gill, another seventh-grader at McAuliffe says that he’s been playing Fortnite. As for me, I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But not everyone is into video games. Rohan Ramos, a seventh-grader at McAuliffe, likes to draw.

Either way, students and teachers are handling the situation at hand. Even though it might be stressful and confusing at some points, McAuliffe and other schools will try their best to make it work.