Coronavirus Hits Hollywood


Source: Cristie Guevara

Empty movie theater.

Jasmine Lee, Staff Writer

Recently, the world has been introduced to a new pandemic, the coronavirus. This pandemic has caused dozens of anticipated movies like “Mulan,” “Black Widow,” “Fast and Furious 9,” and many more to release early or pause production. 

The coronavirus is a pandemic affecting all continents, except Antarctica. It has forced businesses, restaurants, and schools to close. There is currently an estimate of 1,650,000 reported cases and around 100,000 deaths worldwide. The most common symptoms of the coronavirus are fever, tiredness, dry cough, shortness of breath, and lack of taste. Currently, there is no cure for the coronavirus, but to prevent contracting the disease, washing hands regularly for about 20 seconds and avoiding touching your face is recommended. 

“The coronavirus outbreak is disrupting entertainment events in Hollywood and around the world, from the theatrical releases of major studio tent poles to the launch of film festivals and TV conferences,” states

By late-March, almost all movie theaters had closed their doors. One highly anticipated film that was postponed is the horror film “The Quiet Place II,” starring Emily Blunt and produced and written by John Krasinski. This movie follows the journey of the Abbott family’s hunt to survive in silence. “The Quiet Place Part II” was originally expected to release on March 18, however, Paramount has delayed the film to September 4. One example of a movie released On Demand is “Emma,” starring Anya Taylor-Joy. This film is about how matchmaker Emma Woodhouse creates problems that may ruin her chance at love. This movie was released On Demand on March 20 and received a 72% rating on the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.

“I think having movies while quarantining is good because they’re fun to watch and having movies while quarantined might make life seem a little more normal and like everything is okay!” exclaims seventh-grader and Birdwatch staffer, Maleah Fennessey. 

Overall, the coronavirus has forced millions to stay home for the sake of their health. With all the On Demand movies, people are bound to be entertained with different films and movies.