Zoom: The New Classroom Platform


Source: Ava Swietlikowski

Zoom meeting with Ms. Copeland’s class.

Ava Swietlikowski, Staff Writer

With all the new coronavirus news and schools shutting down, many schools have turned to Zoom Video Communications to interact with students while being in quarantine. Zoom combines video conferencing, online meetings, chat, and mobile collaboration all into one app.

Unlike FaceTime, Houseparty, Google Meets, and other videoing apps, you can have up to 100 people on a Zoom video chat at once. The app allows people to talk to one another while being able to see each other at the same time.

Zoom has quickly become one of the most popular video-chatting apps worldwide. According to Drift, “In 2013, 3 million people participated in a Zoom meeting. In 2014, Zoom had 30 million meeting participants. And in 2015, it grew to 100 million. Today, on average, Zoom sees more than 1 million meeting participants every single day.”

“Zoom is so easy,” seventh-grader Olivia Mlouk states, “all you have to do is look on Google Classroom for your teacher’s meeting link and boom, you’re on.” Every teacher at McAuliffe Middle School has a link that students can press to access their virtual class.

Overall, Zoom has dramatically impacted schools around the world, allowing students to stay connected to their teachers and continue to learn from home.