Covid-19 Postpones the Olympics


Source: Bryan Turner

Olympic rings in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ryder Dodd, Staff Writer

Olympic Games postponed due to Covid-19. Athletes are disappointed, but understand it was the right decision for the health and well being of all involved. 

On March 24, 2020, the Olympic committee officially announced it was postponing the event for one year. Never has the Olympics been postponed due to something other than war. This postponement can drastically affect the outcome of many events as athletes have another year to train. 

Athletes might be upset by the decision of the Olympic committee, but they did this for the health of the athletes and to prevent the spread of the virus. McAuliffe student Charles Villegas stated, “I do like the decision that was made because it shows that the Olympic committee cares about the athletes and doesn’t just do it for the money or fame. Even though the event is still five months out, the virus could always get worse.”

Although this was probably the right decision, some athletes would argue differently. For instance,  McAuliffe student Gabe Fraser stated, “I don’t like how they pushed the Olympics out because the athletes who have put their ‘heart and soul’ into training for this event will now have to continue to remain focused for another year. Even though the health of the athletes is important, it is still five months out. Why postpone it this early?”

Athletes may have different views on the situation, but for the safety of the competitors this is the only way to keep them healthy. Although the Olympics is still four months out the Olympic committee is taking extra caution not only for the wellbeing of the athletes but their coaches, their families, the spectators, and everyone involved in hosting an event of this magnitude.