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Snapchat logo.

Ethan Lee, Staff Writer

Snapchat is a well-known and popular social media messaging app. This platform is owned by Evan Spiegel and was created by Bobby Murphy, Reggie Brown, and Spiegel in 2011.

This software allows users to send media to anyone and after a maximum of 10 seconds it is deleted. In June 2019, Snapchat reached 210 million active daily users. It is well known for its filters and allows users to exchange photos and videos that are called snaps.

Snapchat was first called Picaboo and was launched in July 2011. Later, Picaboo was renamed Snapchat and was included in Google Play in 2012 for Android users. Next, in December 2011, Facebook launched a Poke App that was a copy of Snapchat, but it got more publicity for Snapchat. In May 2013, 150 snaps were sent per day and this number started increasing. Lastly, in the Fall of 2013, Snapchat launched a new feature called Stories and in 2014 they added text conversations and video chats to their program.

According to, “The app was created when the trio were studying at Stanford University, with Spiegel presenting its first incarnation as part of a project for his product design class.”

Connie Lee, a seventh grader at McAuliffe Middle School stated, “I enjoy using Snapchat because there are many filters and [it] is a fun way to communicate with friends.”

Many people can agree that Snapchat has a unique history and an app that brings contentment to them. Snapchat’s users are increasing daily and this social media messaging app could be relaxing during quarantine.