Born Ready is Back


Source: Wiki Commons

Lance Stephenson going up for a contact layup against a Wizard’s player.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

Many know him as Lance Will Make ’em Dance, but he was first known as Born Ready, and Lance Stephenson has a slight chance of reentering the NBA. The small forward and shooting guard is currently playing for the Liaoning Flying Leopards, a professional Chinese basketball team. However, the season has been delayed due to the coronavirus and he is now in Indianapolis.

Currently, NBA teams are allowing the many Chinese basketball players to sign 10-day contracts with an NBA team. But, the NBA has a different play style than in China, which might make the players have to rise to a higher standard and play against more talented players. Many retired or older NBA players go to China to play because it is not as competitive. As stated by Brock Rubio, ¨The NBA is a completely different league compared to the one Lance is [currently] in.¨

Stephenson is still working out and playing basketball even though he isn’t in China where he has been playing for almost two years. He wants any chance he can get to play basketball on a team and in an organized league. “We’re still 100 percent honoring our commitment to China until further notice, but if an NBA team presents a legitimate opportunity we will cross that bridge as soon as possible,” stated Reggie Brown, Stephenson’s agent. Despite the fact that he hasn’t received a contract, it would be a perfect fit for Stephenson to play with his old team, the Indiana Pacers. He may still have a chance to get back as soon as the league is in session again. It is currently halted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

All in all, Lance Stephenson was a fan favorite that also helped teams make the playoffs when they couldn’t before. Stephenson occasionally will have weird and funny moments, but he always tries to get in the opponent’s head anyway he can. Always watch out because Lance will make you dance.