Grammy and Oscar Highlights



The Grammy and Oscar awards side by side.

Joshua Duran, Staff Writer

During the Oscars and Grammy Awards ceremonies, two of the most distinguished entertainment award shows, there were many heartwarming speeches and memorable performances by award winners. 

The Grammys are ostensibly music’s biggest night with all of music’s biggest names. Sadly, Kobe Bryant, and nine others, had unexpectedly passed away that same morning and this tragedy loomed over the celebrations. Jorge Morales Jr., an eighth-grade student stated, “The Grammys was all over the place.”

This year’s Grammys had tributes and emotional speeches that later turned into remarkable performances. For example, Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, Billie Ellish, Lizzo, and various other music stars brought life back into the 2020 Grammys. 

Additionally, this year, the Oscars had tough decisions all over with movies like “1917” and “Joker” that were expected to bring home all the most coveted awards. However, “Parasite” was the film that had the most Oscar wins and made history in the same night by being the first non-English language film to ever win the Best-Picture Oscar award. Many other awards were given, although one stood out as it was awarded 17 years ago, but performed in this year’s Oscars. The rap song, “Lose Yourself” by Eminem, was a surprise performance just like all the other surprises the Oscars revealed. 

In conclusion, celebrities from all fields performed and made the 2020 Oscars and Grammys paramount.