Look on the Bright Side!


Source: Michael Anderson

Children about 11 years old being taught a lesson in a classroom.

Hala Essayli, Staff Writer and Assistant Editor

Plenty of students have wished the weekend could’ve been longer and the school days could’ve been shorter. Many students today tend to view school as a boring and mundane place to be. But the importance of school is more than just to take notes and do homework. The purpose of school is bigger than just studying for that important test. Your performance at school now will pack your future with experience and wisdom.

One beneficial experience that students can get from schooling is socialization skills. School is an excellent way for you to build friendships and support from your peers. Once you have built connections, you begin to strengthen an important life skill: teamwork. Teamwork will allow you to adapt to diverse personalities and understand how different individuals will work. 

Emily Fitzgerald, an eighth-grader at McAuliffe Middle School, suggests, “I think that the smartest thing a person can do is decide what matters and what doesn’t.”  When you learn about new subjects and skills, you will increase your confidence and success in the “real world.” You will also begin to form specified interests which will help you choose which career you will enroll in later on. As they say, “Everything is practice for the big show.” Today’s presence at school will prepare you for your future career tomorrow. 

Alina Goddard, an eighth grader at McAuliffe Middle School claims, “At the end of the day, just realize that you are extremely lucky that you can even go to school and have the opportunity to be able to accomplish your dreams.” Throughout the world, 775 million people do not have the ability to receive a full education. This can lead to high rates of illiteracy, poverty, and gender inequality. Education promotes health, provides economic growth, and strengthens connections.

After all, the purpose of education should be something to show pride and honor in. We might not like the idea of work and tasks assigned to us, but at the end of the day we will be the winners if we take advantage of our journey through education, so look on the bright side!