Texas Church Shooting: Man Shot And Killed Two Parishioners


Source: apnews.com

The site of the shooting. Source: apnews.com

Ally Crosby, Staff Writer

An unidentified man shot and killed two parishioners in White Settlement, Texas on December 30th, 2019. The shooter was stopped swiftly as two members of the church’s security team shot him, saving the majority of the congregation.

According to authorities, the shooter, dressed in dark clothes, had entered West Freeway Church of Christ and sat down in the back of the pews. Video footage shows that the man appeared to be conversing with a parishioner until the man pulled out a shotgun and opened fire on them. He then proceeded to shoot a second person. Several other male worshippers pulled out their own firearms and then shot the perpetrator. A recent rule had been passed (due to previous church shootings) that allowed licensed gun owners to carry their firearms into church. 

The shooter and one of his victims died on the way to the hospital, and the second victim died shortly after. The First Baptist Church shooting had preceded this tragic event, with 26 victims. Although the preceded shooting was blatantly worse, the parishioners who carried the firearms saved a majority of the congregation. 

“For church shootings, how much of a low-life loser do you have to be spending so much time thinking about how much you hate one religion or one person from a religious group?” Summer Baars states.

Although this new gun rule may be somewhat controversial to peace lovers, this cut the dangerous problem short. “You have to go through a lot of trouble to get a gun in California, at least legally you do. It’s scary that people can use them for horrible things though.” Chloe Perz admits. 

Just recently, the hero of this tragic shooting was revealed to be Jack Wilson, who had ended the problem as quickly as it started. He was considered a hero by the government, but said he felt more like “a protector, as he lost two good friends,” according to CNN.com. The victims also were identified as Tony Wallace and Rich White. Wilson was considered a lifesaver as there were about 280 people in the congregation, who could have easily lost their lives if not for him. 

According to Wilson from USAToday.com, “When events arise, you’re going to do one of two things: You’re either going to step up and do what’s right or walk away, and I’m not one to walk away, not from this or anything else.”