Basketball Intramurals

Ethan Lee, Staff Writer

Basketball is a worldwide sport that many people play and one of the most popular intramural sports at McAuliffe. The seventh and eighth grade basketball intramurals season recently ended with six champions.

The following seventh graders: Tyler Gill, Wesley Trevino, and Manoah Faupusa have won this year’s seventh grade intramurals. Furthermore, in eight grade, Nathan Kwon, Owen Tomich, and Namwook Lee won this year’s eight grade intramurals!

In the basketball playoffs, games become even more competitive as people try their best to win, but it is difficult when you are competing against skilled players, like Kwon and Faupusa. 

This sport is a competitive game and many students enjoy it. During intramurals the game is played on a half court with three people on each team. There are many different ways to score in basketball, such as free throws, three pointers, layups, dunks, and mid-range shots.

According to Charles Villegas, an eighth grader at McAuliffe Middle School, “The rules are somewhat fair.” He adds, “I enjoy playing basketball and it is a good way to make friends.”

Additionally, Ethan Pak, a basketball player and a seventh grader at McAuliffe Middle School, states, ¨Basketball is my favorite sport and I really enjoy it.”

Though several teams are unhappy due to losing intramurals, they stick by their motto, which is “it’s just a game.” Overall, intramurals are a great way for kids to get together, play ball and have fun!