Lights, Camera, Action!


Source: Meaghan Fish

McAuliffe Film Festival flyer.

Meaghan Fish, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

Get your cameras ready Eagles, because the McAuliffe Film Festival is arriving in February! This astounding event will be showing all submitted entries, varying from silent films to animation, on February 26th, at 5 p.m. in the MPR.

The McAuliffe Film Festival was created by our principal, Dr. Weiss-Wright, the administration team, Mr. Danforth, Mrs. Armstrong and other volunteers in March 2019. Dr. Weiss-Wright states, “The Film Festival was created as a way for students to showcase their art and have another means of expressing themselves. We wanted them to be able to demonstrate their knowledge of digital media, digital arts…”

While the Film Festival allows sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students to express themselves through film to an audience, there are a few student suggestions to improve the performance of the festival.

Sophie Lynes, an eighth-grader who will be submitting an entry for the festival this year, explained, “I just think kind of advertising it more, like so more people could participate, it’d be cool.” Ava Tello, another eighth-grader remarks that perhaps, maybe giving a wider variety of awards, or recognition for different aspects of film would entice more people to participate. Maybe more diverse prizes would also encourage more students to join. Even though the festival could use a little improvement, it has still proven to be quite amusing for the students and everyone who attends. 

Overall, the McAuliffe Film Festival is an engaging and active way to have fun with friends and make memories. If you would like to submit a film, you have until February 12. Whether or not you join, or even attend the festival itself, you should “Never Be Afraid To Dream!”