The Fires of Australia


Source: Al Jazeera

Firefighters battling the Australia fire.

Kedric Delaney, Staff Writer

Australia has recently been ambushed by a massive fire leaving roughly 2,000 homes destroyed and the wildlife burned and fleeing for their lives. Although many were left in devastation, there are people around the world who have donated to help the survivors.

Currently, there are many who are making an effort to stop the fire, including firefighters, athletes, and even ordinary people. According to Chris Bengel, CBS writer, โ€œNine Australian NBA players have partnered with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and the NBA to donate $750,000 that will go towards relief and recovery efforts throughout the country.ยจ

Also, according to The Washington Post, back in 2018, many Australian firefighters came to help fight the blazing fires in California. Now that Australia is in trouble, more than 100 California firefighters have come to help and return the favor.ย  Due to the strong relationship between these two nations, they are likely to help each other out in times of need.

No one knows exactly how long these fires will last, but they have become more manageable at the moment. Many have been saying that Australia will return to its normal self after the fires are over. According to Jake Bonilla, an Australian student who attends McAuliffe Middle School, “Australia has always been united, and after the fires are over, they will come back as a community.”

All in all, Australian citizens desperately need help and support to get through this tragedy. Many of the animals and humans who have been saved are still recovering and some need medical treatment. We can only hope for the best for them and for those brave firefighters who continue to risk their lives.