Underrated School Clubs Benefit More Than Perceived

The Eagle Spirit/ASB club.

Source: Jasmine Lee

The Eagle Spirit/ASB club.

Jasmine Lee, Staff Writer

Almost everyone attending McAuliffe Middle School knows about clubs, although many do not know the range of different clubs that McAuliffe provides and how they can better your life. McAuliffe has more than 20 clubs ranging from academics to music. “Being part of a team is very important,” comments Make-A-Wish member, Eloise Marshall. To join a club, may impact you greater than you would imagine.

Clubs can greatly help with teamwork and building friendships while providing a safe environment to enjoy them. By participating in a club on campus, you can learn new skills like American Sign Language, coding or express interests like Game Club and Comic Book Club. Ashley Woo, an ASB/Eagle Spirit member, states, “It impacts most people by letting them experience new opportunities and have different activities on campus.” You can also participate in an important cause like Best Buddies (Thursday, room 18, 6th graders) and Get Up and Move (Wednesday, room 18, 7th/8th graders), where you can build friendships with kids with disabilities.

McAuliffe has a diverse range of clubs, so you can find the right one for you. If you enjoy participating and helping with school activities, you might want to join ASB. This club is popular among spirited eagles. They plan Red Ribbon Week, Eagle Express drawings, PEACE Week, and more. This takes place on Friday in room 89 with Mrs. Ravelo during both lunches.

People who enjoy STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) are attracted to the Code Club and Math Counts. All of these clubs focus on STEM-related work. Math Counts is run by Mr. Levy (room 41) on Fridays after school (3:15-4:15). For Math Counts, all grades are welcome and you can learn new, entertaining ways to learn math. Another excellent choice is the Code Club. Code Club is run by Ms. McGovney (room 37/38) on Tuesdays after school (3:15-3:55). This club allows you to use coding websites while improving at a steady pace.

Hopefully, more McAuliffe students will consider joining a club as they recognize the ways they can benefit their lives. If you think there are no clubs for you, check out the diverse range our school offers and maybe something will draw your interest.