What it’s Like to go to McAuliffe Middle School


Source: Ryder Dodd

McAuliffe eighth grader, Alex Oprea.

Ryder Dodd, Staff Writer

A day in the life of a McAullife Middle School student can vary, often including a range of routines, classes, and sports. One student who stands out from the crowd is eighth grader Alex Oprea.

Oprea’s day starts differently than most students at McAuliffe. He wakes up and goes to his first period class at the high school, which starts at 7:50 a.m. He goes there because French is not taught at McAuliffe. Then, Oprea takes the bus to the middle school campus and gets to school around 9 a.m. When the bus arrives, he walks to Mr. Fontaine´s room and helps as the classroom TA until first period ends. Afterward, Oprea enters Ms. Miller’s room for second period history where he studies American history and events like the Revolutionary War and the Constitution. 

After second period ends, kids attend their third period class, and for Oprea that would be Mrs. Lewis’ science class. Here, kids learn about the physical features of our world, such as the solar system and gravitational pulls. 

Next, he heads into his longest class of the day, which is core. Core covers language arts and reading, which is why it takes two periods of the day. His teacher for this class is Mrs. Barnett. During core, students learn writing skills, grammar, and analyze novels, such as Tangerine and The Crucible.   

After core, Oprea goes to lunch where he hangs out with friends and occasionally plays basketball. After lunch, he goes to Mr. McVicker for his last period of the day, math, where kids study functions like systems of equations.

Additionally, something unique about Oprea is that since he plays water polo daily, he has Independent Study instead of seventh period, which allows him to leave school at 2:19 to practice this sport.

When asked about the classes and community of students at McAuliffe, Oprea stated, “I like having classes that are new to me because it helps me learn interesting things. It also allows me to meet new people.”

This is just one example of a life of a McAuliffe student. A students’ day is unique from their peers as they vary by teachers, classmates, periods, and more.