Beyond Meat is Going Beyond Fast Food!


Jo, Unsplash

A Beyond burger with onion rings

Logan Pei, Staff Writer and Copy Editor

“The Impossible Whopper,” “The Beyond Burger,” “The Beyond Famous Star” and “Beyond Tacos.” These vegan options have been changing fast food as we know it. Now you can even buy them at your local stores.

Beyond Meat was created in 2009 by Ethan Brown. It was first released in a fast-food chain by McDonald’s in Canada. At that point, they called it the “P.L.T. or plant, lettuce and tomato.” Also, it was not very popular because it was only sold at 28 locations as a test-run. Recently, the most popular sellers have been Burger King and Carl’s Jr. They have posted many commercials about their meatless patties and now their products can be bought throughout the country.

The plant-based meat is also being sold at a large number of stores, such as Vons, Safeway, Target and Walmart. According to, in the first earnings report, Beyond Meat made a net revenue of a whopping $40.2 million and should continue to increase revenue as they become more popular. Ava Swietlikowski, a seventh grader at McAuliffe Middle School who has tried Beyond Meat, stated that “it tasted pretty similar to real meat.”

As of now, Beyond Meat is flying off the shelves. On average, stores are selling the faux-meat for $12 per pound, compared to regular hamburger meat which typically costs $4 or $5 per pound. Even with the price difference, most vegan and vegetarian people are still enticed by this counterfeit meat. Based on this current growth rate, Beyond Meat should continue to spread its name and become a main brand among non-meat eaters.