Chromebook Abuse


Source: Daniel Padilla

Broken Chromebook.

Daniel Padilla, Staff Writer

There are a lot of schools today that have the privilege of using Chromebooks and McAuliffe Middle School is one of the lucky ones with access to these devices. 

According to Android Central Reports, there are approximately 25 million students across the United States who use Chromebooks, which retail for about $169. 

Joey Allen of explained, ‘’Chromebooks help make learning real, and Google Apps are easy to manage. They give students access to the information they need to be successful in school, and in life. Many schools are transitioning to Chromebooks because they like the price, and security features. According to educators, Chromebooks are bringing a lot more than that to their classrooms. Excitement has increased. Collaboration has become important to students. Chromebooks and Google are opening doors for learning.’’

While many teachers and students would agree with Allen about the benefits of Chromebooks in the classroom, sadly, these devices are constantly being abused and broken. So how can we help ensure that our Chromebooks last for future McAuliffe students? There are a few steps and procedures that can be corrected by just the way we handle the devices. Mrs. LeTourneau, a McAuliffe teacher, suggested, “Two hands and hold them carefully. When you are done with them, put them away nicely and charge them for the next class.” Additionally, Jacob Cazares, a seventh grade McAuliffe student, was asked how students should handle Chromebooks. He stated, “Hold it from the bottom. Do not hold them by the screen or they will break.”

Chromebooks are a gift to McAuliffe and students should respect them because they are school property and need to be handled correctly and carefully. Yes, Chromebooks wear and tear just like all technology, but following these suggestions could help them last a couple more years for future students.