McAuliffe’s Make-A-Wish Club Hits Their Fifth Wish

Jasmine Lee, Staff Writer

This month, McAuliffe’s Make-A-Wish club has triumphantly granted their fifth wish. Unfortunately, the person’s identity will not be revealed until later, although McAuliffe Eagles are simply delighted and excited either way.

“I’m happy that Make-A-Wish is granting their fifth wish because I worked [on] some of the events that helped grant it and I like to know that I helped make someone’s wish come true,” exclaims seventh-grader Addison Butler.

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit foundation that grants wishes to kids ages two-and-a-half to 18 who have been diagnosed with critical or life-threatening diseases. On the Make-A-Wish website, it states, “a wish is granted every 34 minutes.” This organization started on April 29, 1980, in Phoenix, Arizona, and was based on the first “wish kid”, Christopher Greicius. Greicius was unfortunately diagnosed with leukemia. His last wish was to be a police officer, fighting crime and declaring justice. Agent Tommy Austin took the problem into his own hands and fulfilled Greicius’ last wish. He arranged for a tour of the Department of Public Safety, a ride on a helicopter, and Greicius’s own uniform. Sadly, Greicius passed away on May 3, 1980. He was given a ceremony as an honorary officer. Now, Make-A-Wish is blooming, having granted over 15,000 wishes worldwide! 

The Make-A-Wish club has existed for five years at McAuliffe, beginning in 2015 with eight members. Currently, the club has over 30 members. McAuliffe Middle School’s website states, “McAuliffe is the most successful middle school with the Make-A-Wish foundation.” Ms. Miller, the supervisor of the club, states, “I am very proud of the students, parents, and community that supports it.” 

To fund the wishes, McAuliffe holds fundraisers and movie matinees. Previously, they showed “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” On December 6th, 7th, and 8th, McAuliffe hosted a book fair at Barnes and Noble, which was very successful for the holiday season. At McAuliffe, parents may opt to pay $20 for their child’s name to be publicized on the marquee outside school during the week of their birthday and this payment is donated to Make-A-Wish as well. Ms. Miller commented, “The birthdays are the biggest funding for the wishes.” 

Hopefully, this club will continue to be successful with enjoyment and happiness for the patients and the members. “I think that the Make-A-Wish Club is such a cool and amazing club and I’m really excited to be volunteering for this wonderful organization!” exclaims club member and seventh-grader, Cameron Bergmann.