A Galarian Adventure (SPOILERS!!!)


Source: Pixabay.com

Nintendo’s most iconic Pokemon from the games, anime, cards, and more as a plush.

Jacob Sincock, Staff Writer

Game Freak just released the new Pokemon video game, which has officially been introduced to Pokemon fans all over the world. 

There have been many new features added to this generation of the game. With new areas like the Galar Mine, Motostoke, Hammerlocke, Wild Area and much more, the game has become more adventurous. There are also many new Pokemon, and some of them are the energetic Scorbunny, shy Sobble, musical Grookey, adorable Yamper and the fluffy Wooloo. Additionally, new activities like camping, making curry, riding the Rotom Bikes, Raids, and more have been introduced to the Galar region. As the viewer can probably tell, there is a variety of new updates in this region. However, there are Pokemon features from previous generations that have been removed such as, Mega Evolution (a fan favorite), Z-Moves and more. Many fans are not too happy about that, including myself.

Furthermore, while there are some new Pokemon in this generation, Game Freak originally announced that they would replace all old Pokemon models with new ones in this gen. Hence, the company upset most fans since they felt lied to. One fan of the game for over 20 years is McAuliffe teacher Mr. Danforth who noted, “It hurts me because I have given so much of my time and money and I felt like I was blatantly lied to.”

Though they lied, Game Freak did add new locations in Galar and they are decent. The region is based off of the United Kingdom. A fan favorite in Galar has to be the Wild Area, a free open area where you may go wherever you want with a rotational camera (a feature many fans have been dying for!) On the map it may seem small, but it takes an hour or two to explore the contents. 

Raids: The Raids are another likable feature. You can team up with real people to take down giant Pokemon that you can catch at the end of the battle. The Pokemon range in difficulty from where you are in the games. If you beat the game, there will be five-starred Pokemon to fight. If you have just started on your adventure, there are level ones and twos. Ultimately, the stars determine what type of loot you get. 

Leveling Mechanics: The leveling mechanics are well done, but somewhat too overpowered. Like the older games, you have to defeat other Pokemon to level your Pokemon up. Also, this generation introduced XP Candies, which provide your Pokemon with more XP, however, they can be overpowered. It all depends on what level Pokemon you defeat in a Raid. XP Candies range from XS to XL. If you give a low-leveled Pokemon even a few medium XP Candies, their level will sky-rocket. When I gave my level-one Charmander two M XP Candies, it went to level 34 and evolved!

In conclusion, some of the Pokemon look cool, but some of the Pokemon don’t look as impressive as Inteleon. It would be better if most of the Pokemon were still in the game considering they removed so many in this edition. As a Pokemon fan, I am disappointed that they removed most of the originals. If you play Pokemon, let me know your thoughts on this new generation below.