Should We Pro-test?


Source: Helloquence

Two people collaborating.

Matthew Lim, Staff Writer

Many people, when it comes down to getting tested, think that tests are unnecessary and shouldn’t be given to students, but are tests actually beneficial for students?

Studies show that testing allows teachers and parents to see what level their students are at, as well as their weaknesses and strengths. Most tests provide teachers guidelines on what they need to teach their students, but doing so can also cause major stress, anxiety, and pressure. The achieved grade can also impact a students’ confidence. According to, students are typically tested in math, reading, science, history, and writing, but these tests do not always measure “soft” skills like cooperation, motivation, and creativity. Hence, some teachers use projects to test students in these skills.  

Many McAuliffe students who were asked say yes, we should test students, it helps them succeed. But some think that students should not have to endure a test for an entire 45-minute class period.

Ryan Kim, a McAuliffe seventh grader, states, “Yes, we should test students because teachers need to know their students’ progress. When teachers test students, they benefit in many ways like knowing if their students are paying attention in class and what he or she needs to teach more.”

Furthermore, anxiety usually happens on testing days to students who choose not to spend their time learning and instead play video games or other activities more than studying and preparing for tests. Most students understand that it is their fault if they did not study and know that if they want to get a good score, they just have to study. 

Wun-Chahn Shin, a seventh grader who attends McAuliffe, also expresses, “Teachers should test students. They should test them because it helps them prepare for the next lesson and test.” This shows that some believe testing students is for their own benefit.

Overall, tests have their pros and cons, but ultimately it is up to the teacher to decide how to assess their students.