ASB’s Lunchtime Winter Holiday Events


Source: Nathan Otazu

ASB winter event flyers.

Nathan Otazu, Staff Writer

McAuliffe’s winter season has arrived! Mrs. Ravelo and the ASB club has put together holiday events that will take place on December 13th and December 20th during both lunches.

The first lunchtime event, “Stuff the Student,” is this Friday, December 13th. First-period teachers will choose five students to participate in the event, and they will come up with a team name. ASB will then accept teams from the first five teachers who turn in their flyers and those teams will compete in “Stuff the Student.” 

Mrs. Ravelo added, “Students will have to put on a big Santa Clause underwear [suit].”

ASB’s second holiday event, “The Candy Cane Ring Toss,” will be held during both lunches on Friday, December 20th. Additionally, that Friday is “Holiday Hat Day,” so wear your favorite winter holiday hat. 

One ASB student working hard to prepare for these events is Sophie Fackrell. Fackrell stated, “My job in ASB is to help the students be involved in fun events at lunch. Just [to name] some…skateboard plunger relay, Halloween costume party and [the] mummy wrap. These events are created by Mrs. Ravelo and are judged by the students in ASB.”

Also, Fackrell added, “My favorite thing about ASB is going to the club and seeing my friends, and knowing that [there are many] fun events ahead that I can’t wait to work at.”

Be sure to come watch or participate in the ASB winter holiday events starting this Friday at lunch!