School Shooting Safety System


Source: Dana Kim

The Text-A-Tip posters are located in all of the classrooms.

Dana Kim, Editor-in-Chief and Staff Writer

School shootings are one of the most tragic and unthinkable incidents that can happen of this decade. Unfortunately, the number of attacks is increasing as the years pass. Although it may seem like an occurrence that only happens to other schools and other people, it is very important for students, parents and citizens to be prepared in case of an emergency.

McAuliffe Middle School has numerous safety precautions that limit the possibilities of a catastrophic event. One addition is the fence that surrounds the school, which has been in place for about two and a half years. According to California Code of Regulations, Title 5, it states, “The campus [must be] secured by fencing and electronic devices such as code entries, electronic monitoring or motion sensors when needed.” Following this state rule, McAuliffe also has a Raptor system. This system improves school security by requiring all visitors to show their driver’s license or photo ID. The process limits the number of possibly dangerous visitors.

To add on, McAuliffe also has regular lock-down drills to make sure students, teachers and staff members are prepared in a real-life crisis. McAuliffe holds lockdown drills, allowing everyone to practice and prepare in case there’s a need to follow through with this drill in real life. During a training like this, students have a conversation on what a lock-down drill is and what to do during one. In addition, the teachers have a protocol that informs them on how to deal with a real emergency. All of this is to practice the safest way to keep everyone protected. Mrs. Vienna, McAuliffe’s assistant principal, shared, “Preparation is really the biggest thing…we practice a lot because the more you practice…it becomes auto-pilot. We want the safety drills to become automatic for kids, so that they know that we have a plan and our goal is to protect you. That’s our number one priority.” 

As McAuliffe Eagles, students also play a significant role in ensuring safety for everyone. By following the statement, “see something, say something,” students may be able to prevent or quickly stop any dangerous acts. Text-a-Tip is the Los Alamitos Unified School District system of confidential reporting. Any threats to campus or individuals, fights, safety concerns about a friend, vandalism, bullying, harassment, suspicious activity, drug possession/use/sales, etc. may be reported to 562-344-5498. However, in the event of an emergency, one should immediately call 9-1-1. The students’ reports and awareness can allow everyone to be and feel safe.

Students should never feel unsafe at McAuliffe Middle School. Mrs. Bergeron, our school psychologist stated, “We have high standards of safety and security at our school site.” The amount of preparation and awareness allows McAuliffe to be a well-protected school. Working together, our community at McAuliffe can be safe.